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  • My work is currently available at Fired Clay Gallery.
  • August '16 - Group show - Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY.
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Growing up in Wyoming and Montana I was surrounded by soil, stone, erosion, flora, and natural form. My move to New York City deprived me of this connection. Clay helps me re-connect. With clay, I am interested in watching sediment become stone again.


Except for the plates, each piece is thrown on the wheel using a technique to create texture effects. Then, the work is fired in an Anagama kiln in New York State. You can read more about Anagama wood-fire here.

current work

The wheel thrown work always reminds me of stone or bark with lichens and wood-mushrooms growing on them. The plates remind me of plates of the earth, as seen from above. Lately, I am becoming more interested in scale with the pots and the plates.


You can find out where my work is currently being sold by visiting my artist résumé. Or contact me for specific prices on pieces you see on this site. I am always interested in hearing from interior designers, retail showrooms, collectors and galleries.


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